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General News:
  • 02/25/2001: Matt re-returned. SZ's articles are finally online- we declared that the EG will not support EMI and the Links have been updated aswell. And finally we're proud to have an official .com address "" which is sponsored by MediaArtort and my old friend Nico.
  • 10/20/2000: Matt returned. The Essential Guide is back online, after Mixnmojo moved... the MIDb has a new Design and finally we were able to publish M. Mannings article "the plank of love". We have a new section: Making Monkey. First Mate SZ's cool intro is online, too!
  • 8/9/2000: More stuff by Henry. All the vessels are his handywork. MORE coming soon. I'm on a roll!
  • 8/6/2000: The database has recieved new stuff made by Sparkey. Go Check it out. Check it out NOW! He wrote this loooo-ooo-ong time ago, and now it's up. (Details below) More coming in a couple of dayz.
  • 7/7/2000: Some minor cleanups on major pages
  • 5/28/2000: Update for MIDb (details below)
  • 4/25/2000: Update for MIDb and Caribbean (details below)
  • 4/20/2000: Stevan Zivadinovic (SZ) has become the Co-Webmaster of this Website
  • 4/19/2000: I added a links-section and a pre-version of the "Monkey Island Insider", which will soon inform about MI-News and other things... Now the advertisement-banner will appear on the "Welcome-Site", because when it was placed on the "Entrance-Page" the InternetExplorer misunderstood the javascript.
  • 4/18/2000: With the help of CSS and simple font-tags I'll force the text to be displayed in Times New Roman (hard work)
  • 4/18/2000: Bug fixing... with the help of SZ I finally solved the "Netscape-Frame-Problem"! Now there should be nearly no difference between NN(4x) and IE(4x and up)
  • 4/17/2000: I got much positive critique and some advise on how to improve the site
  • 4/16/2000: Uploaded website to Mix'n'Mojo
  • 4/14/2000: Preparing everything for moving to Mix'n'Mojo
  • 4/12/2000: First online-test at Tripod: success
  • 4/10/2000: Production continues, final reconception
  • the past/long ago: I had a dream... It's called the Essential Guide to Monkey Island!
News for the Caribbean: News for the MIDb:

The complete History of the Caribbean is now available (4/25/2000)

Monkey Island: 
The Ultimate Map-Artwork (350kb)

A LOT of new Articles written by SZ! have been added...


More or less all Vessels are done (8/7/2000)

Equipment Catalogue update:
(written by Sparkey!)
- Business Card
- Magnetic Compass
- Banana picker
- Bananas
- Flaming Mass
- Wimpy Little Idol
- Gunpowder (8/6/2000)

Equipment Catalogue update:
(written by Sparkey!)
- Breath Mints, Credit Note, Gopher Repellent, Idol o' Many Hands, Mug, Mug o' Grog, Rubber Chicken w/ Pulley, Shovel, Sword (5/28/2000)

Monkey Melodies Completed!(4/25/2000)

Game Information Completed!(4/25/2000)