Essential Links:

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Monkey related links

The Most Important Websites:
The International House of Mojo (LEC-Games Supersite)
"Are you all friends?" "No. We're family!"--This planet's best LEC-Adventure-Community
Official LucasArts Website
Although there doesn't seem to be much left of the old Crew, we'll hope the best for the future...
The Monkey Island Scumm Bar (at mixnmojo)
You want the latest news for Monkey Island? Then you'll have to visit the ScummBar! A Classic.
The CMI-Gameguide (at mixnmojo)
Do you have trouble with getting Blondebeard's tooth? This Gameguide will help you without making you feel guilty...
Also Important Websites (but being listed below):
Dominic Armato's Homepage
Guybrush's voice tells it all... Ok, at the moment he's rebuilding his Homepage for us.
A German Monkey Island Site- A lot of content- in german, but has a dotcom addy-
We have made an Island-friendship... but I don't have an Island. Maybe they are going to delete me from their list when they find out :).
Serdal`s Monkey Island (German MI-Site)
Serdal is maybe the best German MI-Page! Keep it up, und lang lebe die Affeninsel!
Ger's Monkey Island Hangout
This site has style and many activities were prepared for your entertainment
(inactive- dead??) The Legend of Monkey Island by Miguel Alves
Very Good Monkey Island Website offering a lot of interesting stuff including but not limited to: Story, Insults and a lot of Downloads.
Important Links with non-monkey content
SCUMM revisited  by Jimmi Thøgersen (at mixnmojo)
ESSENTIAL!! Without this powerful little tool I could not have created this website and had not been able to satisfy my addiction to LEC-Music.
The Kickstand (Full Throttle at mixnmojo)
A real Polecat with a lot of burnin' stuff about Tim Schafer's biker classic. Hit it!
Unofficial Sam and Max Website (at mixnmojo)
Incredible designed page featuring Sam, his hairy friend and Max by Steve Purcell. (not the site... Sam and Max!)
Michael Land Homepage (at mixnmojo)
Information about the brilliant Micheal Land and his music.
Grim Fandango: End of the Line (at mixnmojo)
Ola. Everything about Manuel Calavera and Tim Shafer's stunning art-deco underworld. Made by Sparky!!