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Last Update: sunday 02/25/2001 see news for details...

- The History of the Caribbean (Written by Matt and SZ)
For the very first time: The complete Story about Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck and the Legendary Secret of Monky Island.

- Making Monkey - Storyboards and more...

- The Lost Love Song of CMI (Written by Martin Manning)
"Plank of Love" was originally intended to run behind the closing credits for The Curse of Monkey Island, but the project ran out of time before it could be recorded...
we also have the lyrics of all songs that appeared in the MI Saga: Take a look at Monkey Melodies.

... also check out the MIDb Articles written by Henry (Vessel Section) and Sparky (Equipment Section)!

... Caribbean Preview: The Ultimate Map to Monkey Island
That's just a veeeery small -and oooold- "preview" on the things happening behind the scenes of The Essential Guide. You'll be able to explore the first Islands soon!

... there's much more to find in the Essential Guide to MI
... there are many more things planned... so check back!

The Essential Guide is devided into different sections:
First of all, there's is the MAIN-area, yes, THIS is the main area, here you can find the credits, an about-site, links, a guestbook (And I want YOU to sign it!) and a music-site, where you can listen to music from the Monkey Island Games. If you haven't already some, I'd advise you to download it to support the mood.

The Caribbean
Here, you can visit the most important islands of the Caribbean and you can learn about the History of the Monkey Island Saga.

The MI-Database
In this Database you can find information on Characters, Vessels and Equipment. Song Lyrics and Game-Credits can also be found in this section.


We're not using the pictures and texts from the LucasArts Games to make money or to claim that we've created them ourselves! We're using them to build a temple of advertisement for the Monkey Island Games and their creators. They are the heroes... not us... perhaps we'll be somebody's heroes... some day.